the terror

do they know those days are golden?

once had someone on tumblr threaten to fight me in the tags when they reblogged this, which i consider a win.

1. "sun greets the sky" / among savages

i wish i could see what your eyes will see
i wish i could be there for everything

2. "terrible love" / the national

but i won't follow you
into the rabbit hole
i said i would but then i saw your shivered bones
they didn't want me to

3. "frozen pines" / lord huron

and it feels like i've been away for an era
but nothing has changed at all
and it feels like i've been with you
but, oh, what did you do and where have you gone?

4. "lippy kids" / elbow

you were a freshly-painted angel
walking on walls
stealing booze and hour-long hungry kisses
nobody knows me at home anymore

5. "i should live in salt" / the national

learn to appreciate the void
you should know me better than that
i should live in salt
for leaving you behind

6. "transatlanticism" / death cab for cutie

the rhythm of my footsteps crossing flat lands to your door
have been silenced forevermore
the distance is quite simply much too far for me to row
it seems farther than ever before, oh no
i need you so much closer

7. "shrike" / hozier

words hung above but never would form
like a cry at the final breath that is drawn
remember me love when i'm reborn
as a shrike to your sharp and glorious thorn

8. "from my own true love (lost at sea)" / the decemberists

four-score years living down in this rain-swept town
sea-salt tears swimming 'round as the rain comes down
mister postman, do you have a letter for me?
a letter for me from my own true love lost at sea

9. "in the wind" / lord huron

take your time, let the rivers guide you in
you know where you can find me again
i'll be waiting here 'til the stars fall out of the sky

when you left i was far too young
to know you're worth more than the moon and the sun
you are still alive when i look to the sky in the night

10. "dead in the water" / ellie goulding

'cause i can hardly breathe when your hands let go of me
the ice is thinning out and my feet brace themselves
i'm there in the water, i'm still looking for you
i'm there in the water, can't you see?
you've seen this all before, a life lived on the shore
we're smiling all the same, you sail away again

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