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It's official - Grahame and I are moving into the abandoned farmhouse on my grandfather's property. I grew up there, way out in the hills in Tennessee. I've only visited a handful of times in the last several years. Our lease is up at the end of the month, though, and as queer, trans folks in the bible belt, it's surprisingly hard to get an apartment (and they're all too expensive for what I make at my call-center job). We won't have to pay rent at the old house, though - my grandfather is sick, so having someone with basic first-aid knowledge living close is a fair trade. It doesn't hurt that no one's lived in the old house in more than five years. Bit of a double-edged sword, though: the place definitely needs some work. (Expect before and after pictures in the coming weeks.) We've got two weeks to get it fixed up, pack our stuff, and move, so I may slow down on my progress with this site for a bit. But that's fine! This gives me something to do while I'm there. In fact, I have several things lined up that I'd like to work on while we're living out in the middle of nowhere. But before that list, a photo I took earlier of the tree outside our soon-to-be-former apartment building, which is infested with invasive Asian lady beetles:

Anyway, here's my

Moving Back to My Childhood Home Because I'm Broke as Shit Bucket List:

  • Draw more! I haven't been very prolific with my nature illustration since before the pandemic. But rural = more nature = more to draw, perhaps?
  • Finish my master's degree (finally)
  • Reread House of Leaves if my copy turns up in the move
  • Find out how dead the malls I used to go to as a kid are these days
  • Investigate the haunting, if I can get the nerve up. More on that later.

who goes there?

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